At Lawton Chiles Middle Academy our curriculum focuses on the Florida Standards. As an IB magnet school, our special emphasis is on mathematics, science, and technology. Students attend eight periods each day, which include English/Language Arts, Spanish, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, Global Tech, P.E., Art, Band, Chorus, Orchestra, Digital Design (Fab Lab), Creative Writing, and/or KTV/TV Productions.

High school credit is offered in Algebra I, Geometry I, Spanish I, Spanish II, Latin I and Earth Science.

Required course offerings at Lawton Chiles Middle Academy are listed below for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.


Traditional Course Title IB MYP Course Title
Enlgish/Language Arts Language and Literature
Spanish Language Acquisition
Social Studies Individuals and Societies
Science Sciences
Mathematics Mathematics
Global Tech Design
P.E. Physical and Health Education
Art Art/Visual Arts
Band/Chorus/Orchestra Arts/Performing Arts
Digital Design Arts/Digital Design
KTV/TV Productons Arts/ITV

Gifted Program

At Lawton Chiles Middle Academy our gifted students comprise nearly one
fourth of our student body and are an integral part of our academic focus.
We see the talents and leadership skills of our gifted students as a vital
asset to Lawton Chiles Middle Academy. One will often find gifted students
in leadership roles such as holding office in the Student Council and
National Junior Honor Society or serving as student representatives on
various school-wide committees.

Gifted students are clustered together in their Individuals and Societies
courses and are served through the support facilitation model. Within these
cluster classes, select components of the lesson or the follow-up activity
may vary for individual students in order to address each student’s goal on
his or her Educational Plan.

This model provides an opportunity for gifted students to engage in
higher-level thinking activities that are more challenging than those in the
general education classroom. It also allows teachers of the gifted to meet
students’ specific goals as identified on the Educational Plan and affords
the opportunity to infuse the latest technology into classrooms.

This year Lawton Chiles Middle Academy gifted students have a new
opportunity. These students may choose to participate in a gifted elective
class. Here, students will practice using hands-on problem-solving
strategies, critical thinking skills, creativity, and teambuilding skills.
They will compete in the internationally acclaimed program, Odyssey of the
Mind, whose regional competition is in February. After the competition,
students will work on a variety of projects, including forensic science, law
and justice, and engineering, as seen through the global contexts of the IB.

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