Students in Action (Community Service)

The idea of becoming contributing members of our community is an important component of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme. Students are encouraged to find opportunities to serve outside of school-related activities.These "service in action" activities will prepare students for the Year 3 community project.  LCMA students may count volunteer hours done during the summer or the school year using the forms provided:

  Community Service Instructions

  Community Service Proposal

  Community Service Log

Share Your Community Service Photos


The minimum hours of service that are required for students at each grade level:

  • Year 1 (Grade 6) – 2 hrs
  • Year 2 (Grade 7) – 4 hrs

Students must complete their community service hours by April 15th in order to be eligible to attend the end-of-year field trip. 

Step One

Download and read the Community Service Instructions.

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Step Two

Complete the Community Service Proposal.

Download Form

Step Three

Record on the Service Log and get signatures for your volunteer hours.

Download Form

Step Four

Staple the two forms together, make yourself a copy, and give to your 1st period teacher.