Students in Action - 3 Ways

  1. Service Tied to Learning

       Each subject area offers multiple service activities throughout the year    

       tied to the curriculum

  2. 8th Grade Community Project

       All 8th graders design and complete a Community Project

  3. External Community Service (grades 6 & 7)

       In order to prepare for the Community Project, 6th and 7th graders are

       required to identify an area of interest and independently serve others

       in their communities for minimal numbers of hours:  

       6th grade - 2 hours, 7th grade - 4 hours.  

The procedure for completing these independent service hours is as follows:

  • A proposal form completed and signed by the student and parent for the activity
  • Documentation for hours (log sheet) completed
  • A written reflection completed
  • All 3 of these items turned into 1st period teachers by the beginning of April

Students completing these requirements will be eligible to attend the end of year field trips and celebration.

External Community Service Forms and Steps

  Community Service Instructions

  Community Service Proposal

  Community Service Log

Community Service Reflection

The minimum hours of service that are required for students at each grade level:

  • Year 1 (Grade 6) – 2 hrs
  • Year 2 (Grade 7) – 4 hrs
  • Year 3 (Grade 8) -- Community Project

Students must complete their Community Project by the deadlines provided or complete their community service hours by the beginning of April in order to be eligible to attend the end-of-year field trip and celebrations. 

Step Three

Record on the Service Log and get signatures for your volunteer hours.

Download Form

Step Four

Write your reflection using the Reflection form.

Download Form

Step Five

Staple all the items together, make yourself a copy, and give to your 1st period teacher.