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FCITL AwardPrincipal : Brian Andrews

Brian J. Andrews is the Principal of Lawton Chiles Middle Academy in Lakeland, Florida, where there is a Commitment to Excellence each and every day. He was awarded the Innovative Principal of the Year Award, an honor presented by the Florida Council of Instructional Technology Leaders (FCITL). Mr. Andrews received his BA in English Literature and his MS in Education from Hofstra University in NY.

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Assistant Principal: Angela Price

Angela Price is the Assistant Principal of Lawton Chiles Middle Academy. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and her first MS degree in Collaborative Teaching and Learning from Florida Southern College. Mrs. Price went on to obtain her second MS in Educational Leadership at Southeastern University. She has experience from elementary to high school as well as leading professional development for teachers and administrators.

Homegrown in Polk County, Mrs. Price deeply cares for this community and is committed to the idea that everyone has an integral part to play in making our world a better place. She enjoys spending her free time with her husband and two children and travels with family and friends as often as she can.

Mrs. Price believes that every person on campus should give their best every day! This will lead to a sense of accomplishment and help our LCMA family reach common goals.

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Academic Dean: Michael Simpson

Michael Simpson is the Academic Dean and Athletic Director of Lawton Chiles Middle Academy. He received his Bachelor’s degree in English: Creative Writing/Poetry from Florida Southern College and his MS in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern. Mr. Simpson has worked for Polk County Public Schools since 2009 – spending his entire education career in middle schools.

Mr. Simpson goes by an education philosophy that risks are meant to be taken. Frank Herbert penned in his novel Dune, “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer…” Fear, in education, leads to a lack of innovation. A lack of innovation leads to stagnation for both staff and students. It is Mr. Simpson’s belief that the educational process should always be pushed in new directions; sometimes those directions don’t work, but we wouldn’t know if we didn’t try. We should always keep pushing to see what new opportunities exist.

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Faculty by Subject

Language & Literature

Erin Lavelle

Language & Lit - Gr. 7 & 8

 Class Website


Kathy McDaniel

Language & Lit - Gr. 7

  Class Website


Stephanie Narramore

Reading - Gr. 6 - 8

  Class Website


Amy Whitehurst

Language & Lit – Gr. 7 & 8

  Class Website



Michelle DiGioia

Math - Gr. 6 - 8

 Class Website


Gretchen Julius

Math - Gr. 7 & 8

  Class Website


Debra Hecht

Math - Gr. 7

Class Website


Asher Poleon

Math - Gr. 7 & 8

  Class Website


Joy Wolfahrt

Math - Gr. 6 & 7

  Class Website




Shannon Butler

Science - Gr. 7

  Class Website


Jon Coombs

Science - Gr. 6 & 7

  Class Website


Therese Gibson

Science - Gr. 8

  Class Website


Allison Sitta

Science - Gr. 6

  Class Website


Individuals & Societies (Social Studies)

Victoria “Toyi” Hall

Individuals & Societies - Gr. 7

  Class Website


Debbie Tregler

Individuals & Societies - Gr. 7 & 8

  Class Website


Amera Wiseman

Individuals & Societies - Gr. 6

  Class Website


Language Acquisition (Foreign Language)

Monica Barnett

Spanish - Gr. 7 & 8

  Class Website


Raquel Castillo

Spanish - Gr. 7 & 8

  Class Website


Erin Chapman

Latin - Gr. 7 & 8


Veronica Guzman

Spanish - Gr. 6

  Class Website


Leticia Patient

Spanish - Gr. 6 & 7

  Class Website



Christina Baker

Orchestra, Chorus, Guitar - Gr. 6 - 8

  Class Website


Lesa Bland

Gifted & Enviro Symposium- Gr. 6 - 8

  Class Website


Beverly Brown

PE Coach - Gr. 6 - 8

  Class Website


Areti Clark

Art - Gr. 6 - 8

  Class Website


Juan Debrand

PE Coach - Gr. 6 - 8

  Class Website


Jeanette Ferrell

ITV & Photography- Gr. 6 - 8

  Class Website


Steven Jones

Creative Writing & Drama - Gr. 6 - 8

  Class Website


Susan MacDonald

Emerging Tech - Gr. 6 - 8 & Media Specialist

  Class Website


Michael McElwain

Band - Gr. 6 - 8

  Class Website


Design (Technology)

George Bartuska

Global Tech - Gr. 6 & 7

  Class Website


Alyssa McKee

Global Tech - Gr. 6 & 8

 8th grade Class Website

 6th grade Class Website



Fab Lab - Gr. 6, 7, & 8

Latoya Wiggins

Global Tech - Gr. 6 & 7

Class Website




Elaine Chilson

Guidance Counselor, Students A-K


Victoria Hunt

Guidance Counselor, Students L-Z



Yvonne Abram

Main Office & Attendance Secretary


Carol Baker

Principal’s Secretary


Janet Hughes

Guidance Secretary


LeAnn Stalvey

School Nurse


Support Staff

Shelly Fountain

Gifted Resource


Shelly Gerber

ESE Facilitator


Jennifer Goleno

Testing Coordinator


Donna Haas

School Nutrition Manager


Susie Kallan

IB MYP Coordinator



Heather Lilly

Network Manager & Tech Coordinator


Susan MacDonald

Media Specialist   Class Website


Zoraida Rodriguez

ELL Paraeducator


Jessica Rogers

Front Office Paraeducator